For young audiences throughout Latin America

May 26, 2011


Children's stories covering LGBT issues are highly unusual, even in countries that tend to be more open towards the issue, such as the case of Spain. According to the NGO Favoring Non Discrimination, homosexuality and infancy appear to be two concepts that when related to each other, become a taboo issue for many. Given that education is such a fundamental key to acceptance and understanding for the LGBT community, this NGO promotes communication of a series of children's stories covering the topic of a gay lifestyle.

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A few months ago, and through, an distributing publishing house, the NGO reached out into the Mexico and Peru markets during the 5th Annual Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity held in Peru, with the support of the Lima Homosexual Movement. The stories have currently also reached the Argentine market thanks to the openness of a particular group of bookstores called Otras Letras. The foundations of all societies are in fact those values that are established early on in life. And it is essential for children to grow up with a solid set of values for NON DISCRIMINATION to help them develop into fully integral individuals. That is precisely what makes this effort to reach young audiences throughout Latin America, a very relevant one. On May 17, the NGO Favoring Non Discrimination, celebrated the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia by publishing the children's stories in a digital format, and therefore now making them available as free downloads from their website. The stories have been edited into Spanish, Catalan, and are available in bilingual versions in English. For downloads please visit http://