Mexico City shows significant progress towards the LGBT Community, unfortunately, much remains to be done

September 20, 2011


A recent posthumous tribute was held for Christian Iván Sánchez Venancio, an advocate for sexual diversity rights who was killed this past July 23 in his Mexico City apartment.

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During the ceremony, Christian's most relevant achievements were outlined, namely for promoting the creation of the Mexico City Sexual Diversity Coordination, and for promoting the approval of legislation related to Coexistence Societies and same sex marriages, valid for the country's capital city. 
Christian Sánchez was a member of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) political party, the political organization of leftist ideology currently governing Mexico City. The PRD has been quite supportive of the causes and rights of Mexico's LGBT community. Through Luis Antonio Torres Osorno, a member of the city's Sexual Diversity Coordination for the PRD, the party called for the implementation of an awareness campaign at a national, state, and municipal level, particularly on the social media fronts, to help curb discrimination against the LGBT community. He also called on authorities to end hate crimes resulting from homophobia, transphobia, and lesbophobia, in addition to calling for the creation of specialized prosecution offices to fight these crimes.
Several weeks ago, the LGBT community and Christian's brother, Daniel Juárez Venancio, organized a National March Against Hate Crimes caused by homophobia, and further, any other hate and discrimination crimes against minorities.
On the Mexican LGBT obituary on Facebook, Christian also received special recognition. This is an open site for Mexico's LGBT community to offer special remembrance to their friends, family members, and other well-known individuals who have passed away and somehow supported our community during their life.

Despite the significant progress registered in Mexico City, situations as this one cast a shadow over greater openness and coexistence of the citizens in this great metropolitan area; saddening the great majority of those of us who are part of  it. I will continue informing on the developments towards this local government promoted campaign against homophobia.