Partner Up Recap: Fleishman-Hillard & Thismoment at Social Media Week DC

February 26, 2013


With the vast array of social media solutions and partners currently available, it can be hard to identify and leverage the right technology partner for your social media program, let alone know if you are using these tools effectively.

As part of Social Media Week DC 2013, Fleishman-Hillard joined Thismoment and Twitter to host “Partner Up! How Partnerships Can Help Deliver on Social Programs.” Panelists Gwen Foutz (@gwenfoutz), Fleishman-Hillard's SVP and Director of Mobile and Social Platforms, Peter Greenberger (@pgreenberger) Sales Director for Twitter DC, Jennifer Starr (@jstarr111), Senior Account Executive at Thismoment, and Moderator Gadi Ben-Yehuda (@gbyehuda), Social Media Director for the IBM Center For the Business of Government Innovation, shared their expertise on how to maximize social partnerships with technology vendors and get the most out of social media in 2013.

Many brands and organizations know they have to be on social platforms, but they don't always know how to best use them. Recent examples like Oreo's response to the Super Bowl blackout, the 2012 presidential debates and this year's Grammys, illustrate the positive response social media users have to real-time content, while Poland Spring's failure to capitalize on the media exposure surrounding Senator Marco Rubio drinking water during his State of the Union Address response shows the backlash that can follow missed opportunities. “Twitter isn't just a place to be, it's the place to be,” Greenberger said.

In the ever-changing digital environment, setting appropriate metrics, closely monitoring discussion both before and after the start of a campaign, and developing dynamic social content are all important factors for any company or agency to consider. The type and quality of content, too, is vital to a campaign's success. Peter Greenberger revealed that photos, videos, and infographics, in particular, outperform other content on Twitter.

For organizations that have difficulty producing this dynamic content on a large scale, technology partners, like Thismoment, can provide efficient work flow and process to optimize user and brand-generated content.  This content can also be used to enhance relationships with bloggers or other influencers.

For smaller organizations, the panelists agreed that being creative, preparing for live-event situations in advance, and reusing assets are proven cost-effective ways to engage your audience with available resources.  And don't forget free or low-cost tools! You can always “partner up” with tools like Klout, Peer Index and SocialBro to find social media influencers and monitor growth throughout your social media campaign.