Will Your Business Be Caught in the Cybersecurity Blame Game?

May 2, 2013


The goal of President Obama’s executive order on cybersecurity is clear: improve the security of critical infrastructure. But the how is not so clear. How will the order be implemented? How will industry respond? And how will federal procurement be affected? In the webinar “Understanding the Procurement Implications Around the Cybersecurity Executive Order,” experts from Dickstein Shapiro, FleishmanHillard and Homeland Security & Defense Business Council examine these questions, as well as: What’s at stake? Where will consensus exist – and where won’t it? What should your organization being doing now to prepare?

Webinar details:
Monday, May 6, 2013
2-3 p.m., EDT


  • Brian Finch – partner Dickstein Shapiro, head of the firm’s global security practice
  • Justin Chiarodo – partner in Dickstein Shapiro’s government contracts practice
  • Terry Banks – partner, FleishmanHillard, leads firm’s cybersecurity communications team
  • Marc Pearl – president, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council