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The Silent Majority


caleb-elstonWhat Happened: Yobongo co-founder Caleb Elston is working on a new startup called Delighted that would allow companies to find out what the vast majority of their customers who don’t post complaints or comments on social really think. When these customers desert a brand, the company rarely knows why because they aren’t interacting with them. Although details on what the product entails are scarce, Elston told TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha he wants to design a “humble” survey approach that isn’t onerous and something customers would want to interact with. Elston is working with engineers and designers who helped developed iPhone app Mosaic. Elston also said he plans to move slowly so he can focus on producing a great app rather than growth.

What This Means for Brands: Given that most companies interact with maybe 5 percent to 10 percent of their customers at any point, Delighted could potentially revolutionize the relationship between customers and brands. Elston’s work shines a light on how much companies still don’t know about their customers. This is likely to be the new focus as the increased availability of data and ways to analyze it are opening up new frontiers in customer relations. If Elston were to be successful, brands would be able to address not just the larger problems that they usually hear about anyway from the vocal minority, but they could connect with that great silent majority on smaller shortcomings that are often more easily fixed. Rather than let customers fester, companies could head off potential desertions. The arrival of such a solution doesn’t sound imminent, but it’s something brands should keep an eye on.

Contributing to TRENDING this week are Lucy Arnold, Julie Louvau and Abby Ray. Edited by Pat Wechsler.