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Twitter Evolves and Looks More Like Facebook


What Happened: Twitter is testing a redesign for its user profile pages that is reminiscent of Facebook. After the company’s most recent financial results, the social network is looking for more growth by serving as more than just a flow of news and public information. The new redesign moves away from a strictly vertical timeline and places a greater visual focus on photos and content cards.

What This Means for Brands: Facebook looks more like Twitter; Twitter looks more like Facebook. In some ways, the more channels become alike the easier it is for brands. That said, as the social realm evolves, marketers must become more strategic in the way they utilize social networks to engage with consumers. Twitter’s test redesign indicates a move toward a richer, more complex visual presentation of information. The potential magazine-style web layout makes for a media-friendly product that better highlights images and video—not unlike Facebook’s recent Paper app. Brands must begin to embrace interactive design to capture the attention of a wider audience. Learning how to leverage the visual component of social networks will allow brands to create less invasive conversations and begin to engage with their customers organically, in real time.

Contributing to TRENDING items are Jenna Carter, Sarah Gordon, Lydia Herrera and Abby Ray.