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What’s at the Core of the Apple Tumblr Strategy?


What Happened: Apple has tossed aside its past blatant disregard of social media and has opened a Tumblr page devoted to the colorful, low-cost iPhone 5c. Its campaign, “Every color has a story,” is perfectly suited for the platform, which has always stressed innovative visual storytelling. The site features several short video advertisements for each of the 5c’s various colors with hints that more animations are coming soon.

What This Means for Brands: Apple throwing in the towel on social media should have been expected—hard to see how the company stayed off for so long. But moves like this by Apple provide great models for other brands to study; as always Apple didn’t do the obvious. Choosing Tumblr as it debut platform rather than the more popular Facebook or Twitter reinforces the growing importance of more recently created platforms and the need by brands to optimize their use. Platforms should speak to a brand’s identity and message, as Tumblr clearly fits the direction of the Apple campaign. Highly visual and creative in nature, Tumblr allows Apple to build a colorful video ad program that appeals to Tumblr’s core demographic of teens and millennials. Too often we find that a brand’s efforts to span all social platforms results in a diluted message that gets lost in the high volume of social conversation. Whether this is Apple’s first and only step into the social media spotlight, we—and probably most of the Tumblr habitués—are excited to see what the tech giant will come up with next.

Contributing to TRENDING items are Jenna Carter, Sarah Gordon, Lydia Herrera and Abby Ray.