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Will Flipboard’s Purchase of CNN Site Make Companies Take Notice?


What Happened: Personal magazine news app Flipboard is buying competitor magazine app Zite from CNN. Flipboard was launched as a way to allow users to catch up on the news that’s relevant to them as well as browse articles, photos and videos shared by friends. It can be connected to social networks and customized to pull in news from sites users care about—in a very engaging, visual format. From there, magazines can be assembled by using the + button to save articles around a variety of topics. As part of the deal, Flipboard will syndicate CNN content and team up with the network to sell ads.

What This Means for Brands: Flipboard is one of the more untapped digital resources available to brands. Yet, with 2.5 billion page views per month and over 100 million users, it’s not a platform to ignore. Brands can utilize Flipboard far beyond simply creating a magazine of curated content. Instead, brands are given the ability to visually impact customers while providing useful and relevant information. Think of the endless possibilities, such as magazines created around events (a product launch, perhaps?), a specific campaign or around information about products and services (think “how-to”). It can even be a way to show interest in the wellbeing of consumers. Delta Airlines, for example, included an article on 12 Simple Tips To Improve Your Sleep, to help develop a personal relationship beyond the Delta experience and foster customer loyalty. Flipboard also offers multiple ways to amplify content and increase brand awareness through the ability to share magazines on social platforms, blogs, and websites. Lastly, Flipboard has something that recently launched Facebook Paper doesn’t have—the ability to capitalize on native advertising.

Contributing to TRENDING items are Jenna Carter, Sarah Gordon, Lydia Herrera and Abby Ray.