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Ms. LinkedIn, Will This Be on the Test?


What Happened: In an attempt to up their content marketing game, LinkedIn recently announced that they will begin assigning brands “content marketing scores” to help gauge campaign value and improve the way content is shared within the platform. These scores will apply to employee, group, influencer and even sponsored posts. So what will this score actually consist of? Scores will be calculated by dividing the number of LinkedIn users who have engaged with brand content in the past month by the target audience of users who have been active in that period. That number will then be multiplied by 1 million.

What This Means for BrandsTake note that LinkedIn is further evolving its publishing and content marketing sectors with emphasis on campaigns driven by insights. While these insights are free, they will only be made available to brands with a LinkedIn account representative for the time being. LinkedIn also will share “trending content insights” with advertisers to help them develop more targeted strategies. For many brands, LinkedIn is an untapped platform, still mistakenly considered primarily a jobs site. These moves are definitely upping the ante and more brands will begin to more fully utilize the site for what it’s good at—micro-targeting specific groups for content. As this offering begins to unfold, it will be interesting to see which brands succeed at taking control of the tools and insights at their disposal and which hesitate to jump onboard.

Contributing to TRENDING items are Ephraim Cohen, Sarah Gordon, Lydia Herrera, Jeff Maldonado and Abby Ray.