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Facebook’s Trying to Get Real (Time)


What Happened: Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm (again) to surface more timely posts and facilitate more conversation – a popular feature of Twitter. The Newsfeed will now prominently feature posts related to trending topics, and Facebook claims this will yield a 6 percent increase in engagement. Furthermore, the faster a post receives engagement will determine how high up it appears in the Newsfeed, therefore increasing the likelihood of even more interactions.

What This Means for Brands: Many people post about what they’re watching or streaming on TV to social media. So Facebook definitely wants to partake in Twitter’s success by promoting conversations about real-time events – especially sporting events and TV shows – in turn helping brands derive more value from their TV ads. In addition, this change could lead publishers that receive large amounts of referral traffic from Facebook to optimize stories surrounding Facebook’s trending topics – and amplify the traffic to their sites even more.

Contributing to Trending: Lucy Arnold, Chau Nguyen, Lauren Kostenberger, Kristin Johansen