FleishmanHillard Brings on DDC Advocacy, the Leader in Data-Driven Advocacy Campaigns Globally

December 16, 2014

by Dave Senay

Regardless of your political leanings, here’s one thing communicators all can agree on: There’s been a dynamic change in the way we engage the political landscape. With the dramatic growth of 24/7 news coverage, real-time commentary and analysis from thousands of bloggers and online vehicles, and multiple social media channels connecting individuals and organizations about the many issues of the day, our governments, our causes and our campaigns have never had this much exposure – or as much scrutiny.

To address the emerging challenges and new opportunities of this complex and intricate environment, FleishmanHillard has looked at ways to add new skills and expertise to our public affairs platform. To this end, I’m excited to announce that we’ve added another game-changing resource to our portfolio.

ddc-logo-finalWe’ve welcomed the team at DDC Advocacy to FleishmanHillard. Omnicom and its DAS Group of Companies have brought on DDC Advocacy as an organizationwide resource, available to all OMC companies.

Based in Washington, D.C., DDC Advocacy is an unquestioned leader and close partner in advocacy campaigns and grassroots communications. As such, it seamlessly combines technology, advanced digital and social media strategy, and data-driven insights with a network of field operatives in every U.S. Congressional district and in dozens of nations all over the world. The firm’s integrated approach combines the best of both worlds – using data and technology to target and engage the right audiences, while at the same time leveraging an on-the-ground network that can activate campaigns and build advocates and grassroots supporters at the local, state, federal or national level on a global basis.

As public affairs professionals, our responsibility has always been to help organizations effectively communicate with governments, navigate legislative and regulatory complexity, and build consensus and support for their campaigns and issues. With our new relationship with DDC Advocacy, and in combination with VOX Global, GMMB and TogoRun, we’ve ensured that our clients have access to a comprehensive public affairs offering.

Jack Modzelewski, FleishmanHillard’s president of the Americas, interviewed DDC Advocacy’s B.R. McConnon, chairman and CEO, and Jim Gianiny, president, about their agency and what they bring to FleishmanHillard’s global network.