Top Trends for Day Two at CES 2015

January 7, 2015


Nearly 160,000 conference goers hurried to and from booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center during day two of the 2015 International CES to get a glimpse of the new products and services on display.

We’re here with the FH TrueIQ team tracking real-time conversations about CES 2015 as the show’s official social media command center. An intelligence system that makes big data small through analysis and spectacular data visualization, the FH TrueIQ and content teams are identifying trending topics, products, brands and more throughout the show to surface the trends you need to know.


The second day of the show revealed which brands and topics dominated the conversation.

  • Intel is leading the way after announcing a $300M commitment to diversity in its hiring practices. Interestingly, #gamergate is trending largely because of Intel’s announcement. Last year Intel stopped advertising on a gaming website after receiving pressure from the pro-Gamergate crowd, which was allegedly harassing women in the gaming industry. The Intel Curie and Compute Stick announcements helped distract from the negative backlash around #gamergate.
  • Product announcements generated buzz for the following brands:
    • The launch of the VivoFit2 resulted in mentions for Garmin.
    • The Yoga3 drove conversation for Lenovo.
    • The Schlage Sense with Siri integration was also trending.
  • LG G Flex2 continues to trend from yesterday. #LGGFlex2 is still actively appearing in mentions despite falling off the top ten hashtags list. LG device news was unseated by HTC’s Desire 826 announcement.
  • Whirlpool, the first home appliance brand to peak in conversations outside of Samsung and LG appeared today. Both the brand and hashtag #EveryDayCare made top mentions lists for the brand’s announcement around reinventing the kitchen.
  • Today we learned that celebrity might not always be a big draw for brands at CES. Celeb booth appearances and conference sessions from Neil Young, Shaq, Nick Cannon and French Montana produced modest conversations. Although, we were thrilled to have both Nick Cannon and French Montana utilize the FH TrueIQ social media command center for a live tweet session with fans!

nick cannon


Overall, there have been approximately 640,343 online mentions of CES 2015 through day two. Stay tuned for more trending topics and live updates from the International CES and our teams on Twitter with the hashtags #CES2015 and #FHTrueIQ as we continue to track what’s trending in Vegas.