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From Red Carpet to ‘in the Black’

From Red Carpet to ‘in the Black’

People long have shown an interest in celebrities – their behaviors, their opinions, their looks and trends. It’s why events such as the Oscars have become so popular. In fact, FleishmanHillard TRUE surveyed 520 U.S. adults and learned that 62 percent of respondents plan on watching this year’s Oscars, airing Feb. 22.

For as long as there’s been such interest in celebrities, brands have incorporated celebrities in their marketing efforts – and for good reason. In fact, the survey results show:

  • 46 percent pay attention to the products celebrities use (phones, clothing, beauty products, etc.)
  • 31 percent are mindful of the destinations to which celebrities travel
  • 55 percent replied that a celebrity increases awareness of a brand
  • 31 percent say a celebrity increases purchase consideration, and this jumps to 43 percent of consumers who plan to watch the Oscars



The survey shows that 46 percent of consumers follow celebrities on social media. One-fourth of people value what they read from celebrities on social media (this increases to one-third for viewers of the Oscars).

When it comes to paying celebrities to post on a brand’s behalf, a large majority of consumers (81 percent) are aware that celebrities often are paid, and nearly 40 percent still value what they post, even if they know they were paid to do so. However, 37 percent of respondents stated that social media posts with #paid, #ad, or #spon have a negative impact on their opinions about the post.

Using Celebrity

When it comes to using celebrities to engage audiences, respondents prefer to hear about the use of celebrities in live events that are covered by news outlets. While 19 percent prefer a brand mention on a celebrity’s social media channels, this is especially relevant with younger audiences (18-24), where 35 percent preferred that tactic.


But overall, when asked to rank the factor that most influences a purchase decision, a majority of respondents indicated quality is the leading factor.


Most Desired Celebrities?
When it comes to celebrity types that have the most influence, a majority of respondents chose a movie/TV actor. This is especially the case for women, with 55 percent selecting actor as most influential. For males, actors narrowly edged out athletes (41 percent to 40 percent).


One more thing: Law-breakers beware. Consumers are most likely to be influenced by law-abiding, humorous celebrities.