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Land’s End, Trees’ Beginning


What Happened: On Earth Day (April 22), Land’s End demonstrated its commitment to the environment by introducing a new campaign that focuses on sustainability and the health of our planet. “Land’s Friendly” is the company’s latest initiative to position its brand as a leader in sustainability. Among other things, this campaign strengthened the partnership between Land’s End and the National Forest Foundation by enabling 1 million trees to be planted, adding to the 500,000 trees the company already has planted. The brand developed the hashtag #IAmLandsFriendly, which has been incorporated into its social content – and adopted by fans.

What This Means for Brands: The “Land’s Friendly” campaign is one of the latest examples of how corporations are partaking in CSR. Although companies’ CSR initiatives can often be overshadowed, they are a vital part to business strategy and play a key role in protecting the betterment of our society and planet. CSR not only benefits the society, but it also has proven benefits to the company as well. Often times a company will innovate new products that embody their CSR beliefs and eco-friendly initiatives. Becoming involved in CSR is also a way for brands to differentiate themselves in competitive industries by tying the brand to a certain, close-to-heart cause.