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Hootsuite + Instagram


What Happened: Last week, Hootsuite announced the integration of Instagram into its dashboard. Hootsuite joins a handful of social media management platforms – such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Kenshoo, SocialCode and Ampush – that now support the photo-sharing app. This integration allows brands to “schedule” their photo posts to the platform, monitor engagement on Instagram posts and manage multiple Instagram accounts securely and without logging off. Hootsuite’s Instagram capabilities will be shown in line with other streams the user has open in their dashboard. Posts can easily be seen alongside content scheduled to publish on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What This Means for Brands: The addition of Instagram to Hootsuite provides brands with an efficient and effective way to manage their Instagram accounts through one platform and streamlines tracking content performance. Unlike the other social channels supported by Hootsuite, Instagram does not allow content to be uploaded via an API and enforces certain post scheduling guidelines. Therefore, Hootsuite’s new feature can almost schedule posts, as users are able to upload a photo, along with a caption, and set a reminder for the time they want to publish. Once the scheduled time arrives, a push notification redirects the user to the Instagram app, where the copy and creative can be published through Instagram’s desktop interface. A major draw for brands that has been emphasized by Hootsuite is the monitoring capability. Users no longer will have to switch between their phones and computers to post and track performance on Instagram, and multiple. Although Hootsuite’s integration with Instagram may not be as seamless as with other social platforms, it’s a big step that allows brands to more easily utilize and analyze their content on the app.