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Managing Brands with Image Recognition


What happened?

When targeting a web-based audience, it is expected to reach out with social media, but in-image advertising has flown under the radar. A tool produced by Mantii is making it possible for companies to engage with audiences by finding relevant images published on the web even without captions or hashtags. An Adweek article suggests these untagged images could include your brand’s logo, a competitor’s brand, or elements from a brand-sponsored event. This is an additional way that companies, such as Miller Lite, have captured an unrepresented audience and expanded their visual brand identity.

What does this mean for brands?

This new technology makes it easier to discover and engage with those who visually communicate with a brand. Another article by Adweek points out that companies are finding less edited imagery to be more valuable as trends like Instagram become a cultural staple. Using Mantii can help brands activate higher levels of engagement and user satisfaction by uncovering visually appealing posts to republish for their brand. For example, a cat food provider pays uploaders for their cat-featuring images to then repurpose for the brand’s use. This can build upon a lesser known audience and create more organic advertising.