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The Meteoric Rise of Periscope


What Happened: In mid-August, Periscope revealed that it had eclipsed the 10-million-user mark, an impressive feat considering the app was only launched roughly five months ago. According to a blog post from Periscope, those 10+ million users watch approximately 40 years’ worth of livestreaming footage on the app – or 21 million minutes – every day. Soon after Periscope launched, brands like Spotify and Red Bull began experimenting with the social platform, with the latter testing the live streaming capabilities during Miami Music Week. But it’s hard to believe that even these early adopters could have anticipated the meteoric rise of Periscope and the value it could create for brands.

What This Means for Brands: Although mobile livestreaming was rarely offered five months ago, it is most definitely a “thing” now, and brands would be wise to get on board. According to a blog post from Periscope’s parent company, Twitter, Periscope can help brands “forge a more personal relationship with consumers [by giving] them real-time access to moments that matter, from big announcements to fashion shows to sponsored events.” As the popularity of Periscope grows, so do the ways brands can interact with consumers. In July, Doritos became the first brand to run a contest on the app. Behind-the-scenes videos have become a popular type of content on Periscope, but digital marketing agency Single Grain suggests there are many other ways to engage with consumers on the platform. Interactive customer support, live product demonstrations, sharing breaking news and hosting interviews are only a few of their suggestions for unlocking the full potential of Periscope for brands. When considering your brand’s own strategy on Periscope, however, it is important to note that almost all of the “successful” brands on live streaming platform have used the app as part of a larger, multi-platform campaign.