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Finally, #BackToTheFuture Day Arrived!


What Happened: This week we lived to see #BackToTheFuture day. Specifically, it was the actual date when Back to the Future: Part II’s Marty McFly had traveled into the future to help save his family. People have been awaiting this day for a long time, as false “Future Day” memes have been circulating for years, which helped Social Media Today develop an interesting case study on why certain content goes viral.

What This Means for Brands: Unlike previous “Future Day” hoaxes, #BackToTheFuture day saw a ton of involvement from major brands, including Verizon, Oreo and Toyota to name a few. In nearly all cases, brands looked for ways to have fun with the topic, with many of them showcasing their point of view (or sense of humor) around innovation. As Social Media Today explained, highly shareable content is often nostalgic, information-based, image-supported and timely. By anticipating the celebration of this date well in advance, understanding audience attitude and preparing creative posts that suit each brand’s strategy, companies have been able to contribute to an exciting day of conversation and engage with a positive fan group seeking entertainment and inspiration. When done right, holidays of this nature are often a reputational win for brands.