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Music To Brands’ Ears


What happened:

Much like the very food service it offers, Plated had all the right ingredients for a potential campaign – it only had to combine and enjoy.  Plated ­– a company that delivers fresh, local ingredients to consumers to make pre-chosen recipes – mixed its own survey findings with a University of Oxford study on taste and music to create Plated Radio on Pandora.  Plated found over 48 percent of millennials and over 34 percent of Generation Xers stream music during dinner.  The tunes are music to the ears and the tastebuds.  The University of Oxford study found high pitches are associated with sweet and sour tastes while low pitches are associated with bitter tastes and that ultimately, music might actually influence how someone tastes.  The Plated Radio emphasizes the correlation between tunes and taste and features six different stations – each with a different theme intended for a different part of a meal.

 What this means for brands:

Other brands have taken their campaigns to Pandora and Spotify and cleverly inserted themselves in the mix.  Ford Fiesta created an ‘Emerge’ playlist on Spotify.  Ten emerging artists were featured in a competition gauged by social media shares and number of Spotify streams.  The winning artist put on a live concert and the Ford Fiesta fused itself to the young, hip crowd found in the new music scene.

For the Adidas All Originals campaign, Spotify users could add songs to an “Adidas All Originals Represent” playlist.  Users could tag their friends, and in doing so could win codes for Spotify Premium and Adidas Originals vouchers.

The TBD Fest music festival partnered with the Save Our Water campaign in California and produced a Spotify playlist that encouraged shorter showers.  The playlist featured festival artists and songs five minutes or less in length.

Brands can do more than just throw a 15 or 30-second ad on Spotify or Pandora that interrupts listeners’ vibes.  Integration is the recipe to streaming music platform success.  Fold your brand narrative into the streaming music culture.  Make Spotify and Pandora a part of your brand’s campaign.