Digital & Social Media

Brands Miss Engaging Consumers


Brands are getting better at managing and utilizing social media, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement, according to a poll by FleishmanHillard TRUE. Almost a third of respondents said they were more likely to pay attention to brand content on social media now versus last year, a nice bump in consumer interest. But that still leaves 68 percent of consumers disengaged from brand content on social media channels.


When it comes to moving consumers, emotionally or intellectually, brands once again aren’t making the most of social media. Although slightly more than 50 percent of respondents agreed that brand content on social media was entertaining or informative, only 43 percent said they were likely to share social media content from brands across their own social media platforms. And just half of respondents said brand posts on social media were relevant to them.


Consumers said they find stories in traditional media outlets the most trustworthy source of information about brands. Only a third of respondents deemed sponsored posts on social media trustworthy, showing yet again that brand efforts to capitalize on social media are not fully engaging consumers.


The prolific use of “listicles” (content presented in list form) is one instance where brands are succeeding in effectively communicating on social media, especially to younger audiences. While two-thirds of all respondents said they found listicles useful, among Millennials, the number that found listicles useful was 74 percent.