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How Your Smartphone Could Save the Day


What happened: People aren’t just using their smartphones to talk, text, and catch up on the latest gossip – they’re using them for day saving mobile searches! What do you do when you drop your sacred Thanksgiving turkey on the kitchen floor during your night-before-dinner preparation ritual, or when you realize you forgot to buy the most important ingredient for your famous pumpkin pie? Most people will simply take advantage of their smartphones or tablets and use their favorite search engine to find the nearest open grocery store. During your search, a geo-targeted advertisement for a local grocery store pops up offering you 20% off your purchase. Now you’ve found the closest store and you saved money. Essentially, the local advertisement just saved your day.

What this means for brands: Saving the day with location-based marketing is now more achievable than ever, and not just for last-minute rescues. Prospective customers are using their smartphones and tablets multiple times a day to search for everything, ranging from the latest and greatest video game release that’s desperately wanted for the holidays, to finding that bookmarked cheesy potato casserole recipe. These searches are a perfect opportunity to insert a brand into the mix through geo-targeted mobile ads. Whether it is offering a limited time promotion or trying to create awareness for a brand, local advertising can be beneficial to both brands and consumers. Shoppers who click on these local advertisements are more likely to buy into a brand, because let’s face it:  That advertisement helped save the day and their wallets with its geo-targeted coupon.