What Is It?

FleishmanHillard’s Content Compass evaluates an organization’s owned social media content, optimizing it to help shape strategy and generate better engagement. It produces a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s owned social media content, as well as a roadmap that community/channel managers can follow.

What are the benefits of
Content Compass?


Diagnoses and describes what’s working and what’s not to drive engagement

Optimizes content, generating a better engagement

Creates a clear prescription for a content strategy

Helps to create a content strategy where, previously, there wasn’t one

Helps to improve or recalibrate existing strategies

Helps to understand the ideal balance between campaign and drumbeat content

Helps to understand the ideal balance between paid and unpaid content

Supports content planning, calendaring and optimization/recalibration



We analyze brand posts on all owned social channels and social content strategy to determine how effective they are in driving interactions with a brand’s social content posts (e.g., like, comment, share).

We apply science to the art of social content creation and optimize engagement using a combination of deep human analysis and online tools. By using insights to improve interactions with followers, we help increase engagement while decreasing share volume. Content Compass then delivers a simple, prescriptive roadmap to channel managers.

Working with organizations of all sizes and from all industries, we create a customized program that works with your budget and needs. Content Compass typically looks at six months of historical data. It also looks at retroactive posts and employs analytics to determine efficacy based on select criteria. In many cases, this method is repeated periodically to ensure content stays on strategy and continues to engage audiences.


Social Networks Covered
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • A detailed presentation with graphs
  • A one-page roadmap for community/channel
  • A presentation of the results
  • A spreadsheet with raw data
  • Quarterly or monthly updates
  • Weekly updates for content calendaring
  • Access to a daily dashboard (optional)