What Is It?

Different people experience advertisements and messages differently. So having feedback from diverse perspectives is valuable. What’s even more valuable, though, is having feedback pinpointed to the precise moments that work, those that miss the mark and those that can create a polarized reaction.

While message testing in general is not a new approach, FleishmanHillard’s TrueMessageResponse provides this moment-to-moment feedback, which is critical when creating messages for diverse audiences and diverse platforms. These results allow us to analyze each moment – and determine which specific words, phrases or visuals evoke the positive or negative responses.


In general, message testing helps companies identify the most compelling messages, secure campaign feedback and uncover other critical information on the target audiences. It also provides companies with significant and meaningful assurance that the campaigns they are preparing to launch will resonate with and likely move their audiences to take desirable action.

What are the benefits of


Real-time feedback on ads and

Ability to pinpoint high points and
low points

Options for online or in-person


Our TrueMessageResponse is part of a holistic three-dimensional approach to message testing that also includes survey questions and real-time qualitative chats. This approach allows for both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of campaign messages.

TrueMessageResponse can be used for any organization interested in testing the effectiveness and sentiment of its advertising and messaging. Using focus group sessions, it can be done online or in person. All that is needed is a 30-second (or longer) audio or video clip. Using this content, we work with our partners to produce detailed feedback on how the messages are received – pinpointing the portions that work well, as well as those that miss their intended mark. While there are some limitations, including user error and hesitation by participants to share honest feedback, this model can be customized to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or audience.


Upon completion of TrueMessageResponse, all messages will be evaluated against a set of key criteria, and each message will receive an overall index based on these criteria. The higher the index, the better the message resonated with the target audiences. In addition, we will be able to identify the specific words and/or phrases that either resonate with consumers or that negatively impact their perceptions. We’ll use this feedback to refine our messages before launch.