Nanotech, Risks, and Benefits (in That Order)

February 28, 2007


Nanotech certainly seems to stoke the fire of a few of us in our Brussels office. Not only did we convince Dave to write in his blog about it but our Brussels colleague Emily Rees has drafted this reflective piece on the tensions at play in Brussels on the subject. (see pdf attachment). The piece is scheduled to appear in the UK specialist publication NanoNow! later this month.

Nanotechnology is a broad church of a term and as such probably affects or will affect many of our existing clients; whether they manufacture household detergents or are looking for new ways to treat diseases.

As the issue of the environmental and health risks from nanoparticles seems to be a hot one in DC and elsewhere, we would be interested to hear your reflections and those of your clients on how this tension will play out.

Download file: Nanotech Nerves