So You’re Not a Fan of the President…

August 7, 2007


Like most people I speak with these days, I’m not a huge fan of President Bush. Whatever you think of his policy choices (and I don’t think much), to me it is the completely incompetent communication surrounding his administration that rankles the most.

However, in the same way that a crisis in the evening seems more manageable the next day, so history tempers our views of past Presidents. Popular decisions often look opportunistic and difficult choices can look better – or worse – with time.

With this in mind, I was very interested to read Robert Kagan’s article End of Dreams, Return of History. The article, written for the Hoover Institution, takes a critical look at the Bush administration, and offers a thoughtful view of how history is likely to view the Presidency – is it really all change, or just a continuation of historical American foreign policy objectives? How, and how much, will Bush II affect the decisions of future Presidents, regardless of who wins the next election? Kagan brings his considerable experience as a scholar and a foreign policy commentator (with both the Carnegie Endowment and the German Marshall Fund) to offer an unique view on a subject that’s on many of our minds.

It’s well worth the read.