LGBT Ads Riding High

October 3, 2007


Dollar_pink_jo390102I ran across a recent story in Editor & Publisher relating how gay publications are generating increasingly higher ad sales these days.

That increase should be a no-brainer for those of us focused on LGBT communications. We have noted often on this blog that corporations are advertising directly to us more than ever. 

The latest Gay Press Report documents advertising spends in publications, about half of them weekly newspapers targeting the LGBT audience, increased 205% between 1996 and 2006. 

However, an interesting point is that our community publications still are seeing ad revenues increase year over year. In 2006 ad revenues of $223.3 million represented an increase of 5.2% over the year before — a period, according to the E&P story, during which print and online ad spending on daily newspapers was essentially flat.

The story is an interesting read for any communications professional.