Confianza: Hispanic Trust Pulse Study

February 7, 2008


Most every day my colleagues at FH Hispania are engaged in delivering information and messages to the Hispanic public, usually through the filter of media or other third-parties. Today, we unveil the results of Confianza: Hispanic Trust Pulse, a study our agency conducted that delves into the topics that are most important to U.S. Hispanics and what sources they rely on to obtain information about them.

One thing is for certain: Hispanics trust a variety of sources to obtain their information. Although media plays a prominent role in this interaction, to an even greater extent Hispanics reach out to individuals in their communities, such as professionals and service providers or family and friends, to get informed about that things that matter to them. Another aspect that bears noting is that Hispanics share key similar interests with non-Hispanics, but differences do come to the surface that should be heeded by communications professionals – as should differences between recent immigrants and more acculturated Hispanics.

You can access the press release about the study we distributed earlier today at If you are interested in seeing a more in-depth presentation about the study results, please feel free to contact me ( or any of our other team members who regularly contribute to FH Hispania Plaza.