Biden’s Journey to the White House

August 26, 2008


When I was 19 and a JR in college I loaded up my grandmother’s Chevy citation and went to work in Manchester New Hampshire for my home-state senator Joe Biden. His sons were schoolmates of mine since middle school and his Chief of staff an old family friend. It was the natural place to start and aspiring career in politics.

I did everything on that campaign from answer phones, put flyers on car windshields at shopping malls, to help put the first electronic voter file onto a new piece of technology we had in the campaign headquarters, “a database.”

I drove Biden through the state when he visited and advance venues where he would appear. It was an exciting time, Reagan was winding down 8 years in office, Biden was chairing the Bork hearings while also trying to run for President. It was crazy and field day of learning for a young guy like me.

Joe dropped out of that race and went back to being a US Senator and I went back to being a college student.

Two years later I joined his Senate staff and worked on some of what I thought at the time would be the most exciting issues of our time, Thomas Hearings, the invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent desert storm, The Crime Bill…

I left Biden’s office to work briefly for Sen Dodd and then joined the private sector but never strayed from the
Biden camp. I would continue to work on his senate reelections, his son Beau’s successful run for AG of DE and when the call came that we would try for the white house again in 2008 I was in. Campaigning is a young person’s sport so I raised money and kept close. I did do a week in Iowa for the caucus and we all know how that ended.

I was planning on coming to Denver on Monday of this week but when Biden got the nod I had to get myself out here to help prepare for the arrival of the Biden Team. As luck and coincidence, two things that go hand in hand in politics, VOX VP Mike Cuzzi had been on site in Denver preparing for the VP announcement and subsequent staffing of the nominee. Mike was Obama’s political director in NH and joined Vox in April to build out our business in the northeast and add valuable political acumen to our existing clients.

Since touchdown of the Biden’s on Monday at noon we have been going 100 miles an hour.

The Obama/Biden signs seem surreal.

Watching the secret service unload at the airport in advance of meeting the Bidens was when it first sunk in.

The journey I started with Joe to the White House in 1987 and just taken a huge leap forward.