Twitter: An Artesian Well for New Ideas

March 16, 2009



Did you ever think of Twitter as an artesian well for new ideas? I do. I am continually surprised with the volume of creative nuggets that the Twitter network digs up and spreads. And since Twitter is still a little ahead of the rest of the world in revealing trends and “cool stuff,” it’s a great place to find content and ideas to share with clients. Here’s a case in point: The prolific tweeter @Scobleizer is always sharing amazing information, including this video. Play it. Watch. It’s a “mashup” that shows some deft editing rooted in creativity.

But look at it another way. It’s a visual expression of a word we use with our clients all the time. It’s what “integration” looks like. I know I’ll use this someday with a client when we’re talking about integration. So this is my thought for the day: Use Twitter as your scout for cool nuggets to add value to your dialogue with your colleagues and clients.


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