Out of Home Series, Part 1: Introductions

November 9, 2010


Introduction number 1: I'm Mike Cearley, part of the digital team in Dallas. While I'm involved in digital strategy across a number of areas, my background, and ultimately passion, lies in the out-of-home channel and the potential for engaging experiences it creates. What exactly is that?

Introduction number 2: Let's start with what I perceive an Out-of-Home (OOH) experience to be. By my definition, an OOH experience is any experience outside of your home that doesn't require you to own the device, medium or platform from which the experience originates.  You can't turn an OOH experience off. The most common examples of OOH experiences are billboards.  But static billboards aren't much of an experience.

Technology has now enabled these types of experiences to not only be engaging, but personal.  An example of this can be seen with Mini, as it displayed its message to people driving on the highway (out of their home) on digital billboards (platform that they didn't own) and provided them a personal experience.

In a series of posts on OOH, I'll expand on just how crucial personalization can be in creating a quality OOH experience, and the best ways in which to engage consumers. Planned topics include:

  • What creates a true OOH experience: my 3-part model
  • How to move past driving awareness, to driving engagement with brands
  • Work we're doing to create OOH experiences through using new technologies like Stickybits

Is there anything else you'd like me to cover? Burning questions you want me to address now?