Off to HealthGamesCamp

December 10, 2010


This evening I'm heading to San Francisco for training at Julian Keith Loren's HealthGamesCamp. Training that includes games and camp? Has learning ever sounded more fun?

So what is HealthGamesCamp? Well, basically, we're going to learn how to change behaviors using games.

According to the training invitation, “games are a place where we embrace change, where we love being challenged, where even frustration isn't that bad. As we immerse ourselves in games we voluntarily change our behaviors in order to win, and old habits melt away over time.”

Throughout the two days, we'll learn “about the power of  game dynamics” by playing web-based and mobile games, along with board games, party games, script-based games and alternate reality games that all are designed to help us build new games that create positive changes in behavior. When we leave the training, we'll be able to use these new games with our clients and teams.

While this weekend's training is aimed at changing health behaviors, the same techniques can be applied across industries.

This type of experiential learning will balance challenging with fun in order to keep psychological barriers to learning at bay.

I'm very excited to participate. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you next week!