Why Real Time Marketing Helps Challenger Brands Thrive

May 18, 2012



Image courtesy of business2community.com

Real time marketing is the practice of constantly monitoring both traditional and social media channels for trends and then quickly activating on insights to get included in the conversation.

 Research has found that real time marketing has a significant impact in brand perception, consideration, purchase, and positive referrals to friends and family. This approach is also allowing some challenger brands to have a bigger impact than market leaders.

To be successful in real time marketing you need the right people, processes, training, and tools to react to news as it happens. Some advice from the front lines:

  • Plan these efforts, but don't overly choreograph them.
  • Learn to work with limited time and budget. Rather than spending cycles converting “haters,” it's more effective to focus energy and resources on resolving negative customer experiences and engaging with loyal fans.
  • Make friends with legal and get them involved in the process from the very beginning.
  • Drive results with insights, creativity and great writing. Look for ideas from people outside of PR and marketing. Enlist journalists, producers, authors and bloggers to provide additional perspectives for your audiences.
  • Unleash employees who are really passionate about the brand. Find a way to put them front and center. These are often researchers, engineers, and developers rather than marketers, but their voices can be authentic and compelling.
  • Develop champions at senior levels. Engaging executives in social media is a win-win: It gives your customers access to senior leaders, and it provides these leaders with more exposure to the importance and impact of social channels.
  • Remember that speed often beats perfection. It's acceptable to have flaws and make mistakes. Audiences appreciate seeing that sometimes, as it shows that you're human.

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