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Why True? It’s About Who We Are and Who We Want to Be


True. It’s one of the most powerful ideals known to mankind. It ranks right up there with justice and fairness.

Something that is true cannot be diminished. True is persistent and immovable. We’re drawn to people who are true and genuine to themselves and others.

So why would a communications company like FleishmanHillard dare to associate itself with the concept of true? Is it the ultimate conceit?

Perhaps. But the concept of true is real and purposeful to us at FleishmanHillard. When we decided to refresh our brand, we clung to this branding axiom: Real brands cannot be invented; they must be revealed. So, we set out and looked honestly and deeply at who we are. We talked with clients to understand their changing needs. We also surveyed the current communications landscape. All things intersected at one word—true.

True resonates with our heritage. Few firms carry the reputation for integrity and commitment to values that FleishmanHillard does. But, true also points us to our future. There has never been such unprecedented demand for authenticity and transparency. Yet, with people consuming media in new and different ways, our clients are faced with complexity in communications like never before.

Our clients want a true partner, a guide to help them navigate how people today live and interact with media and brands and companies. They demand a trusted advisor.

FleishmanHillard responded. Our new tagline, The power of true, represents our willingness to uncover and communicate our authentic selves, to be as transparent as we can in a world that tolerates nothing less. It also represents our willingness to guide our clients to do the same, and our ability to provide them with true communications solutions.

As we’ve learned in recent years, true communications require holistic, bespoke solutions that are both channel agnostic and aimed at aligning company brands with their reputations among stakeholders. For our firm, that has meant we have had to get comfortable in the paid media space. Now this has become for us just another channel for storytelling and helping the right audience discover the brands and corporations we represent.

But we realize finding true is not always obvious or easy. That’s why we created our new publication FleishmanHillard TRUE to provide a platform to discuss and debate how communications, marketing and media should evolve in a digitally driven world. Where do they intersect and how should they be integrated by organizations seeking new models to meet the challenges of social media and demands for total transparency?

With TRUE, we are opening up a conversation on the most effective ways for companies and organizations to reach all of their stakeholders with consistent and authentic messages. The publication will rely not just on our thought leadership as a firm but also on the insights of corporate executives (clients and non-clients), authors, academics and other prominent thinkers on such subjects as social media, brand and reputation, big data, public affairs, internal communications, and strategic integration.

We invite you to subscribe to TRUE, to join this discussion through our social media or even suggest topics for us to explore. Help us build this platform so it is an effective tool in your own organization’s pursuit of authenticity. Discover with us the power of true.