Peeking Behind the Green Curtain: Reputation in the New Era of Sustainability Reporting

September 20, 2013


As part of a rising awareness that sustainability issues have a major impact on business success and corporate reputation, more than half the S&P 500 companies now publish sustainability reports. So the Global Reporting Initiative’s release of new guidelines this May is big news for our clients and prospects. The G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines are the first major overhaul of the world’s most popular reporting standard in seven years. And this evolution doesn’t just usher in a new era of transparency and disclosure in companies’ reports – it has the potential to transform their sustainability practices and processes.

Sharing the stories that matter most is central to the new guidelines. At the same time, G4 also lifts the veil on how companies decide what social, environmental and economic issues are material to their business. These and other changes could impact how companies manage their business and their reputation for years to come.

Fresh from one of the nation’s first rounds of G4-certified training, my colleague Diane Poelker and I share our perspectives on the new guidelines in a guest blog on the popular sustainable business website,