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Topsy Boosts Analytics Possibilities With Complete Tweet History


What Happened: Topsy, a social search engine, is set to include every public tweet ever published on Twitter. The addition to social inventory means the company’s analytics tools now date all the way back to the very first tweet, penned by Jack Dorsey in 2006. The Twitter news positions the company as the top resource for deep dives into social media data. Topsy says it now houses 425 billion tweets, videos, images and blog posts which adds up to more social data than Bing or Google.

What This Means for Brands: Previous to this announcement, searching and analyzing the fire hose of information flowing through Twitter is difficult and limited. Twitter’s native search favors recent tweets and what it considers the most important items over the ones that might be most relevant to the searcher. Allowing users a full historical index means users have access to the best, most accurate view of the whole, global social conversation around your brand, around any topic…or anything. In the search, Topsy’s tool is able to identify counts around searches in 10 languages, graphs volume of tweets over time, indicates general sentiment, and identifies who speaks the most, thereby highlighting who may have the most influence around your product or brand. The tool is very comprehensive and mostly free. Needless to say, the last function—identifying your influencers—comes at a subscriber price aimed at marketers.