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A Scientist’s Disneyland

A Scientist’s Disneyland

Contagious interviewed Ivan Poupyrev, Disney Research’s chief scientist, about the hot areas for technological innovation. Poupyrev will be a featured speaker at the Most Contagious conference Dec. 11 in London, which is being sponsored by Contagious, FleishmanHillard and The Economist. Most Contagious will convene a second conference in New York simultaneously.

Contagious: What do you think is the most exciting area of research currently?

Ivan Poupyrev: The days when there is one or two areas of research considered “hot” and the “thing” to do are gone. We are moving into a new territory where innovation is expanding exponentially in multiple fields and in parallel. We cannot just say “plastics” or “Internet” anymore; it is wearables, implantables, personal data tracking, synthetic biology, robotics, energy harvesting, printed and flexible electronics, additive manufacturing, quantum computing, big data and the list goes on and on. In all these fields, the changes happening are nothing short of revolutionary. I myself feel like a kid in a candy store, so many amazing things I can do.

Contagious: How will these new technologies change our everyday lives?

Poupyrev: There are some clear technological trends that are unavoidable: One of them is that digital computing and experiences are moving into the real world into everyday objects, environments, the human body. The world is not going to be analogue anymore; you can call it the World 2.0. How that happens and how exactly it is going to be manifested, what technologies have to be invented to make it happen, and what will be the killer apps—these are all gazillion dollar questions and even if I knew the answer, I would probably not tell it.

To read the entire interview with Ivan Poupyrev, click here.

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