Day 2: Wearable Tech Continues to Dominate Online Conversations at CES 2014

January 9, 2014


The enthusiasm and energy at CES 2014 didn’t wane on day two as online conversations remained steady around all the excitement taking place inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Wearable technology was still among the hot topics discussed, and once again made the top spot in our trending report.


Conversations around the multiple smart watches and their various capabilities came out on top while Intel’s wearable technology continued to excite the masses. Two days ago, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich spoke about a range of new Intel products, initiatives and strategic relationships that would spark innovation in mobile and wearable devices. His unveiling of Edison, a new computer housed inside an SD card with built in Wi-Fi connectivity, is said to be capable of supporting multiple operating systems. This new device secures Intel’s position as the go-to option for wearable tech manufacturers when they need to power their devices. Krzanich also announced the company’s Make It Wearable initiative, a year-long challenge through which consumers are challenged to come up with innovative wearable technology ideas that will change the world.

SONY’s “PlayStation Now” streaming announcement continued to make waves yesterday as gamers buzzed about being able to experience games without owning any specific console and using their mobile devices instead. In other gaming news, Valve unveiled 13 Steam Machines in multiple shapes, sizes and specs with a variety of hardware partners exciting other hardcore gamers around the world.

Finally, curves are proving hot this year as electronic companies like Samsung and LG devote tons of floor space to curved smart TVs. Their clean design and clarity bring a fresh spin on the consumers TV viewing experience.