What’s Trending on Day 3?

January 10, 2014


Here’s your daily round up of trends during day 3 of the 2014 International CES.

CES 2014_Day3

There is no shortage of TVs here at CES, so it’s no surprise that 4K TVs made it to the top of the trend list today. 4K, also known as Ultra HD, has been seen at CES before, but this year, we’ve seen the technology mature significantly as many brands like LG, Samsung, Sony and more released great new products – including a few that might just be affordable!

Wearable technology and self-piloted cars are also still hot topics online. And the buzz around the many different types of wearable products at the show doesn’t seem to be slowing down! PC gaming made it to our top 5 trends today, including gaming brand Razer who won the “Best in Show: Sports and Fitness” award. An award, however, wasn’t the only thing Razer was celebrating. They also showcased “Project Christine,” a futuristic modular PC concept that debuts a fresh perceptive on DIY PC building. The concept promises to eliminate the difficulty of building your own computer system with sealed and self-contained modular component designs. Although “Project Christine” is just a concept for now, it’s still a very unique way to look at the future of PC design.