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Surviving Mobile: Bernoff Discusses a New Way of Thinking for Brands

Surviving Mobile: Bernoff Discusses a New Way of Thinking for Brands

Mobile mind shift Josh Bernoff, coauthor of the pivotal book on social media, Groundswell, describes himself on Twitter as a “Forrester analyst, idea developer and troublemaker.” His latest book on The Mobile Mind Shift certainly lives up to those descriptions.

In it, Bernoff talks about the difficulties companies face as they attempt the transition to a mobile world, a shift that he describes in the video on TRUE’s home page as even more disruptive than the introduction of the Internet for companies. In the video below, Bernoff gives some advice on how brands can meet the expectations of their customers’ mobile mind shift and triumph in a marketing and communications world destined to be ruled by smartphones and tablets.

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About the author

Josh Bernoff is a senior vice president of idea development serving marketing leadership professionals at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His research, analysis and commentary frequently appear in such publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Bernoff blogs for Forrester and Advertising Age. He is the author of several books, including Groundswell, a 2008 best-selling work coauthored with Charlene Li that predicted the eventual dominance of social media. His latest book is The Mobile Mind Shift.