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Nielsen Gives CMOs a Shiny New Data Tool to Play With


What Happened: Ever since brands began putting content up on the Internet, clients have been asking, “Did that ad/social content/video actually influence purchasing behavior?”

Now, Nielsen can tell them whether it did — down to the individual ad buy, according to an article in Ad Week.

The new product MTA (short for multi-touch attribution) runs data provided by a brand — in this case, Kraft — against purchaser information provided by data-mining powerhouses Acxiom, Experian and Nielsen-Catalina to help companies understand what’s working and what’s not with their digital strategies. For instance, the MTA can tell Kraft whether its latest Mac and Cheese addiction-themed ad is effective by showing the company 10 people in the same ZIP code who decided to ditch Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar after watching the commercial. Kraft knows which ad they watched and where.

Much of this is made possible by the millions of loyalty card data sets, collected by Catalina, Randall Beard, global head of advertiser solutions for Nielsen, told Ad Week. Catalina’s data is anonymous.

What This Means for Brands: This is a brand new, shiny tool for chief marketing officers who have been begging for something like this for years.

While we may not yet have addressable advertising and targeted buying, Nielsen’s newest product is one giant leap forward for brands that are trying to reach consumers and effectively influence their purchasing behaviors.

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