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How Tweet It Is for Coke


What Happened: Even though Coca-Cola has promoted its iconic campaign, “Open Happiness”, with innovation few companies can ever hope to match, the brand knows a good idea when it sees it. Recently, the beverage and snack company has chosen to imitate a Starbucks program, allowing consumers to send a Coke to a friend via Twitter. The Tweet-a-Coke program allows a person to tweet a link containing a Coca-Cola e-gift to a friend; once opened, the link allows that person to order a Coke at select Regal Cinemas. To tweet the Coke to a friend, one has to authenticate his Twitter accounts and then enter his credit card information to purchase the gift. These gifts are sent in $5 increments, again à la Starbucks; a person can send as many e-gifts as he or she chooses. For Starbucks, which started this program last October, it meant $180,000 in extra business in the first month, according to Mashable.

What This Means for Brands: Coca-Cola’s continuation of social ecommerce campaigns originally started by Starbucks is a trick many brands will wish to duplicate. The great thing about this promotion is that it also benefits Coke’s partners, in this case Regal Cinema movie theaters, which is already fighting off competition from streaming and digital home theaters. Another plus: The method tracks conversions, showing the sales associated with Coke’s social advertising. The notion of sending real value in the form of preloaded coupons through social media is gaining momentum for brick and mortar stores because of this ability to track the impact.

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