FleishmanHillard Launches LinkedIn Certified Content Marketing Workshops

October 29, 2014


We are very pleased to announce that we are formally launching Content Marketing Workshops for LinkedIn. FleishmanHillard is the first agency certified to conduct Content Marketing Workshops for LinkedIn , a service that is provided to clients as part of FleishmanHillard’s Native Newsroom offering.

We developed the offering with LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions, who trained our professionals as part of their certification program (in other words, they are making sure we will talk to LinkedIn’s capabilities with the same expertise as an internal LinkedIn professional). The program combines FleishmanHillard’s insight-driven communications approach with LinkedIn’s analytic, targeting and content strategy capabilities, offering companies an effective way to learn how to build their influence in professional social networking.

Each half-day session is customized based on unique brand or business goals and is designed to optimize a company’s LinkedIn presence, content and connection with key professional audiences. Workshops cover topics from how to create and curate content on LinkedIn to overviews of best practices based on in-depth case studies of client success stories. Some of the core sections include:

  • An overview of LinkedIn’s capabilities, including publishing, content marketing, analytics and targeting tools to train participants in ensuring that content reaches key audience.s
  • Customized feedback and analytics such as a quarterly competitive content scoring, and top content engaged with by audience, to gain insight on what content is the most engaging.
  • Conversation-sparking content suggestions through a sample content calendar and training in how to create and contextualize the right content for key audiences.

These workshops are a critical tool in ensuring brands are leveraging the full power of one of the most powerful business publishing platforms in the world. Powered by industry and company-specific insights, FleishmanHillard’s Content Marketing Workshop for LinkedIn shows participants how to connect with LinkedIn’s audience of professionals and sustain valuable relationships online through content and publishing strategies.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about FleishmanHillard’s LinkedIn Certified Content Marketing Workshop, please contact us.