What You Need to Know about Paid vs. Organic Brand Content on Facebook

January 28, 2015


Also contributing to this analysis: Patrick Garrett & Erin Husband

As of January 1, 2015, Facebook is now detecting overt commercial messages within its Newsfeed content and will prevent such messages from reaching general audiences without a targeted paid social campaign. Though a paid push is still important to increase overall reach at the time of publishing, non-promotional, i.e. conversational, content may still reach an audiences organically. In other words, if it’s a great story,  the “editor” (in this case, the algorithm), considers the content “earned,” whereas if there is blatant product, campaign, company or other promotion, it is instead considered advertising. These changes from Facebook validate the PR-driven approach to social media in which a great story is still considered the most valuable type of content that media platforms want to help get out to the public without advertising.

So, what to do now? We put together an infographic to outline what the changes mean, the difference between organic and paid content, and some examples around best practices to Facebook distribution.