2015: The Year of Authenticity

February 4, 2015


FleishmanHillard’s Dallas insights team contributed to this article.

2014 was a year of social change. A year when we saw brands shift from offering surface engagement to deeper relationships. We saw the idea of access over ownership take off and create communities of people with shared interests, goals and needs. In many ways, 2014 was a year of transformation, but 2015 will be a year for investment. Investment in your brand, your people and your purpose.

The 2015 trends deck outlines three macro trends we see impacting the way people will use social in the coming year: by seeking a purpose, uncovering “realness” and discovering new ways for technology to fit into lives more naturally. Authenticity will be at the heart of 2015. People won’t just admire it, they will require it.

These trends are intended to inspire you, make you think and create conversation around the future of social and what it means for brands. Trends are important to capture, but we shouldn’t lose sight of some key truths that are important every year:

Relationships matter: Humans will always seek to create relationships. Those relationships, including ones with organizations, will influence their actions and beliefs.

People are smart: They have a huge cognitive ability to consume information in story form. Brands that create great stories have always, and will always, win.

We hope these trends leave you feeling inspired and ready to move your brands further.