The Anatomy of a Like

March 4, 2015


Like. It’s a word that accompanies many different meanings. When it comes to social, it can be defined as a simple sign of enjoyment, support or general admiration for content posted on social platforms, often in the form of a thumbs up or a heart. But the action of “liking” content can actually mean many different things. And equally as interesting, the activity of not liking content can take on a lot of different meanings as well.

Liking content, which requires little action, is often considered a semi-passive behavior. So do brands properly value what it means when fans like content? Is there an opportunity for brands to proactively like content from followers’ posts?

The attached deck explores the anatomy of a like, dissecting everything a like is and is not. We’ll look at various types of “likers” and attach greater meaning to the behavior behind double tapping. We’ll also explore what this means for brands and how they can get the most out of their likes.