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Will Rebranding Approach Have a ‘Domino’ Effect?


What Happened: In 2012, Domino’s reinvented itself. The pizza company released a series of ads shining a light on its inconsistent products and service and vowed that things were about to change. In addition to changed recipes, the name changed from Domino’s Pizza to simply Domino’s. However, not all franchisees have adapted the new name. To make sure that franchisees fall in line with the new naming, the company is asking fans to upload photos to Instagram that depict storefronts that are still sporting the old logo.

What This Means for Brands: As a brand, can you partly reinvent yourself? The short answer is no, and Domino’s is making a public example of franchisees that have hindered the rebranding. But is encouraging engaged consumers to shame those who aren’t cooperating a best practice? In this case, it remains to be seen if user-generated content leads to actual change, but it certainly has created conversation and further solidifies the brand’s commitment to social engagement. If there is a takeaway from this exercise, it’s that we hear the word “rebrand” used probably more than it should be, and consumers will acknowledge only the truly committed. If you are going to do it, you need to go all the way, trust the plan and stick with it in order to make waves.