BlueCurrent’s Tetsuya Honda Opens the Kimono on Killer Japanese Creativity

June 23, 2015


BlueCurrent Japan founder and Managing Director Tetsuya Honda revealed all today in his forum on Japanese creativity at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

He took the standing-room only audience on a cultural journey where tradition and cutting edge combine to form the next step in creativity.

Three converging concepts were explored – all demonstrating the influence of cultural context on creativity.

  • Perfectly rejecting perfection: where flaws are a deliberate part of the perfection.
  • The inner child: the metaphorical “letting your hair down.” Again with deliberate intent.
  • The next stage creative – where mastery is achieved through imitation. Perfection of the original is more important than originality itself.

Tetsuya peppered his presentation with personal anecdotes and powerful examples that went to heart of the Japanese psyche.

What also shone through was the new-found optimism and confidence of the Japanese as they prepare for the 2020 Olympics.

According to a recent Adobe survey, Japan is number one in creativity and Tetsuya’s presentation perfectly illustrated why Japan is turning creativity on its head.

Tetsuya finished with a personal plea for the world to help more Japan brands become truly global. One gets the feeling that under the kimono, the best is yet to come.