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Swipe Right for Tinder Advertising


What Happened: Dating app Tinder has been slowly inching into the marketing and ad world, most recently with a partnership with musician Zedd. Users who swipe right on the profile will be sent a link to download his upcoming album, True Colors, for $3.99. According to Tinder, this partnership isn’t meant to generate revenue, but instead is a strategic partnership aimed at giving users exclusive access to people and products. Several others, such as Domino’s, have also started to integrate their brands into the swiping function of the popular dating app.

What This Means for Brands: With a network of millions that collectively swipe about 750 million times per day, Tinder offers plenty of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. Between July 2013 and January 2014, Tinder entered into strategic partnerships with both Fox and the USA Network to advertise shows “The Mindy Project” and “Suits,” respectively. A familiar Hollywood character, company spokesperson or brand mascot with a profile fitting the user experience could tremendously build one’s brand affinity.  Similarly, products can create profiles as long as they relate to the dating experience. StrategyOnline suggests that companies should consider user behavior before engaging because this type of advertising doesn’t work for all brands.

Caution: Tinder has been tough on brands who attempt to advertise on the platform without express permission (aka for free), including ads from GAP and a Brazilian AIDS awareness campaign launched by the Brazilian health ministry.