The Science Behind Swipability

July 9, 2015


In the last year, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the usage of online dating services, largely due to the number of dating apps available through a smartphone. Apps like Tinder have not only gained widespread popularity, but they’ve also worked their way into the vernacular people use to communicate likes and dislikes (swipe right versus swipe left).

“The Science Behind Swipability,” uncovers a few human truths based on the way people interact with one another on Tinder. We then attach the behavioral observations to insights for brands that are wanting to create relationships with consumers through social. And yes, we joined Tinder to gain some real-life perspective.

What this presentation won’t do is answer the question of whether or not your brand should be on Tinder (that’s a different conversation for a different time), but it will walk you through the ways in which people interact with the app – and more importantly, the insights brands can take away from these trends.