Cannes – The short and long of it. From Lions to Elephants.

August 26, 2015


The dust is settling following the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.   The winners of the coveted gold Lions were decided following a marathon judging effort.  The results were then dissected amidst a whirlwind of backchat and canapés.

Among the winners of the coveted PR Lions were some great, great campaigns.  Ones that provoked a visceral reaction, that had you salivating at their lustrous production values, wondering at their sheer inventiveness, and wishing it were you that had created them they were just so damn clever.

And this is what this Festival is all about.  Celebrating the best of the best in creativity. The bold and the beautiful.  And why not?

But what is harder to ascertain is whether the winning campaigns will live beyond their moment of glory – whether they will continue to change behaviours or build reputations two, or even five, years hence?

Before we drink too much of the Cannes Kool-Aid, we should take a moment to reflect that for business, real success — success that is rewarded — is repeat performance.  Campaigns that continue to build shareholder value quarter after quarter.

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